St. Mary's Theological College

Founded in 1992 with the encouragement and blessing of Archbishop Louis W. Falk, St. Mary's Theological College has provided advanced theological training for more than two dozen men, several of whom have been ordained for ministry. A two-year training program for the diaconate followed by a three-and-a-half year program for the priesthood are the primary emphases of the college. While some courses require prerequisites, many are open to auditing or special students.

In 1995 the bishops of the international Traditional Anglican Communion, meeting in Victoria, British Colombia, chose the program developed at St. Mary's as the standard program of theological education for the traditional Anglican church. St. Mary's is affiliated with St. Augustine's Theological College in Charlottesville, Virginia. The two schools together formed the Consortium of Anglican Theological Schools (CASTS) to promote high standards for theological education among traditional Anglicans. The college has been authorized to grant two diplomas, the certificate for diaconal ministry and the certificate of theological studies.

In 1998, St. Mary’s Theological College acquired many books that had once belonged to the Philadelphia Divinity School before its closure.  Others have personally contributed to build a fine, and growing, collection.  St. Mary’s Library is located in the back of the church building, in the undercroft.  However, it is currently unavailable at this time due to inventorying.