Special Presentation


Ikon Class - Date TBA

Fr Kelley wishes to thank you all, for your interest in the Iconography class!


Long before becoming the rector of St Mary of the Angels, Fr Kelley translated An Iconographer’s Patternbook: The Stroganov Tradition from its original Russian, making the rich history and knowledge accessible to a wider audience.


The book has since become a valued resources for ikon painters everywhere including Russia. Fr Kelley spent the summer of 1972 in London learning the art of Ikon painting from Mariamna Fortounatto who learned from Leonid Ouspenski, a Russian emigré, in Paris.


Now he is offering to share that knowledge through a series of classes on the history and painting of ikons. Beginning with a history of ikons Fr Kelley will then guide participants through the preparation of the board, pigments and egg tempera, and then the process of “writing” an ikon in the traditional methods.


The suggested donation for the class is $35 with discounts available for couples and families if needed. A list of materials will be provided at the start of the class. If you have any questions regarding the course feel free to speak with Fr Kelley.


It is not too late to sign up; speak with Fr Kelley to sign up today!

For more information, please contact us through the office or the Contact Us page.


Cover of "An Iconographr's Patternbook: The Stroganov Tradition" by Fr. Christpher P. Kelley