People of the Parish

Here listed are some of the people in our parish as well as our Vestry (Board of Directors). Should you need to contact any of them, please call us or send us a message via our Contact Us page. 


The Clergy

The Rev. Fr. Christopher Kelley, Rector


Fr. Ed Wright, Associate Priest


The Rev. Deacon John Yeager, Deacon


Bruce Martin, Subdeacon


The Vestry

The Rev. Fr. Christopher P. Kelley



Steve Hawkins

Junior Warden/Vice President


John Pouncey



Armine S. Jones

Gina Park


Jackie Yeager


The St. Mary's Schola Cantorum

Dr. Kathleen Moon

Choirmaster and Organist



Meredith Allen, Leader

Sonya Park



Claire Plauzoles, Leader

Cynthia Zitter



Kris Wittry, Leader and Cantor



Mikhail Barsky, Leader

Steve Hawkins, on leave


Our Parishioners

Each of us come from all over Southern California, from Ventura to the north, to Palos Verdes Estates southward, and from Las Vegas and Prescott City in the east to Malibu in the west.  Our ages run from newborn to over eighty-five. Nowhere is too near or too far and all are welcome in our beautiful parish community.