We've been doing our research for quite some time now to be better equipped to serve you. As such, we've updated this space to properly reflect our commitment to comply with the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into effect May 25, 2018.


It may be only law in the European Union (EU); however, it is important to us that we take part in this initiative to protect each and every one of our neighbors and friends we have yet to meet, looking out for them, for their personal data, and giving them the tools to control their data however they see fit. 


To do this, we have updated our Privacy Statement as well as our day to day operations, both physically and electronically, so that we may give you more control over your data and a more transparent experience on our Site with clearly written language. 


More about the GDPR

What we have learned from the GDPR and it's regulations is that it is now, more than ever before, the message rings loudly to be clear about what data is being collected, to let you know how it is going to be used, obtaining your consent, making sure you know how to revoke that consent, and to take precautions as an organization to protect the data you consent to give us from unauthorized access. 

Main GDPR Hub

From the department itself, here is the link to the Information Commissioner's Office - GDPR  information if you have any questions or concerns about the GDPR and how it is going to affect organizations around the world.

Please Note: None of the information on this site regarding the GDPR is mean to be taken as legal advice as this site is also not associated with the Information Commissioner's Office. Please see the link above for official guidance. 

The GDPR And You